Råfrisk: Green Juice at SFO

I almost never “live blog” like this, but tonight I felt like I had to, for two reasons:

1. I’m at the new-ish Virgin America terminal at the airport in San Francisco and there is actually free wifi! (Which means I can blog.) This almost never happens, right? And all you had to do was watch a very short ad from one of their “wifi sponsors.” Very smart. Virgin knows how to treat their passengers right.

2. There is green juice here! At the airport! How amazing is that? I was doing my usual walk around the food court areas, dreading the lack of healthy choices one is usually faced with, and there is was: an organic coffee shop/juice bar called The Plant. It was over $6, so not cheap, but delicious and, compared to how much they charge for anything at airport these days, not so bad.

I’m a very happy traveler tonight! Heading to New York for about two weeks. Very excited… And now they’re boarding early, yay!