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Raw food, recipes, photos and inspiration, from a Swedish health-nerd living in Southern California.

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PM's Mexican Lettuce Wraps

PM’s Mexican Lettuce Wraps

(svenska nedan) I’ve been on the road quite a bit lately, and it’s hard to make food when you’re not in your own kitchen, right? That’s why I love this recipe for Mexican Lettuce Wraps by Philip McCluskey. It’s a great, healthy, raw take on tacos and would be easy to make wherever you are....
The Secret to Making Great Guacamole

The Secret to Making Great Guacamole

(Se nedan för Svenska) I’ve been asked a few times lately what my secret to make such good guacamole is, and I’m not quite sure, but I have a pretty good idea. First off, you need to make sure you start with ripe Organic avocados, otherwise your guac is never going to make it from...
Raw Taco Night!

Raw Taco Night!

(See below for English) Vem älskar inte den gammelsvenska traditionen tacokväll? Genom några enkla substitut kan den gamla vanligt tacokvällen lätt förvandlas till en raw food fest! 1. Byt ut tacofärsen mot rawfärs (recept nedan) 2. Byt ut tacoskalen mot salladskål 3. Skippa sour creamen & osten Rawfärs: Hasselnötter & Valnötter (ca 1dl/person) Morötter (en/person)...